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Wendell Berry

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United States


Wendell Berry is an American poet, cultural critic, environmental activist and novelist. He lives on a farm that he has maintained in Port Royal, Kentucky, for about 40 years. A farmer by profession, Berry holds deep reverence for agrarian values, marital fidelity and traditions. Being mistrustful of technology, Wendell believes in the holiness of life. In his lifetime, he has written over 40 books comprising of essays, fiction and poetry. His beliefs and values are reflected in his life and works. His classics include 'The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture' that highlights the failure of modern, machine-based life, 'New Farm Magazine and Organic Gardening and Farming' and agricultural treatises that touch green aspects of farming. In 'The Broken Ground', he wrote about farm life and family bonds and 'The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture' traces the foundation of American culture on modern agriculture. In today's technological world, authors like Berry represent the beauty and simplicity of life. The prolific author is a recipient of 'Richard C. Holbrooke Distinguished Achievement' award (2013), 'National Humanities Medal' and the Jefferson Lecturer in 2012. He's the first living writer to make it to the Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame. There is so much we can learn from Berry’s commitment to simple living, and value of nature. We have excerpted some of Wendell Berry Quotes from his writings, his take on several subjects and everyday life. Here are some of Wendell Berry's most memorable quotes.

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