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Tove Jansson

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Tove Jansson was an acclaimed Finnish novelist, painter and comic strip author known for her significant contributions to Children’s literature. She was born in a family of artists in the minority Swedish-speaking population of Finland and was introduced to arts by her father. After completing her art studies she moved through various cities of Europe for the next thirteen years serving as an illustrator for book covers. She came up with her first art exhibition in 1943 which was followed by her debut children's book titled 'The Moomins and the Great Flood'. This book was a huge success and established her reputation as a children’s author. This encouraged her to convert it into a series of 15 books which was translated into almost 45 languages. It was very successful commercially as it sold millions of copies worldwide and was popularly known as the ‘Moomins’ series. Apart from this, she also proved her prominence as a painter. She conducted various successful solo art exhibitions and published a seven book comic strip series called ‘Mumin’, adapted from her Moomins series. Her significant contributions to Children’s Literature have been honored by the renowned ‘Hans Christian Andersen Medal’. Go through the quotes and sayings by this prolific writer to have a glimpse of life through her perspective. Read on the compilation of quotations and thoughts by Tove Jansson that will brighten your day.

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