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Steve Wozniak

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United States


Steve Wozniak, along with Steve Jobs, was the man behind the personal computer revolution during the 70s and 80s. This American technology entrepreneur, inventor, programmer and electronics engineer co-founded the monumental multinational technology giant ‘Apple Inc’. He was instrumental in the development of Apple I and Apple II computers. The credit for various Apple patents such as Microcomputer for use with video display, Apparatus for digitally controlling PAL color display and Controller for magnetic disc, recorder, or the like goes to Wozniak. Wozniak has received several honorary degrees from various prestigious institutes such as ‘University of Colorado’, ‘North Carolina State University’ and ‘Michigan State University’. Apart from bagging the ‘Isaac Asimov Science Award’ from the American Humanist Association, he was the recipient of prestigious awards such as ‘ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award’ and ‘National Medal of Technology’. He was also inducted into the ‘Manufacturing Hall of Fame’ by the Industry Week. Many renowned artists played the role of Wozniak in numerous feature films, movies and television series. The most popular of them being ‘Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine’, ‘Pirates of Silicon Valley’ and ‘The Secret History of Hacking’. Here’s a compilation of his enlightening quotes and thoughts that give us a glimpse of his mind. Take a look at the popular sayings and quotations by Steve Wozniak.

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