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Robertson Davies

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William Robertson Davies was a Canadian author, professor, novelist, playwright and critic. Davies was born in a distinguished and educated family and he also followed suit. He studied at Queen’s University till 1935 but did not graduate and then enrolled at Balliol College at University of Oxford, from where he was awarded a BLitt degree. After his return to Canada, Davies became a prolific writer and contributed to several journals. He had also worked as the literary editor of the magazine ‘Saturday Night’ and then went on to become the general editor of ‘Peterborough Examiner’. Davies published a number of books, plays and articles throughout his life and some of the most noted ones being, ‘The Deptford Trilogy’, ‘The Salterton Trilogy’ and ‘The Cornish Trilogy’ among others. In addition to his literary exploits, he was a noted academic too and taught at Trinity College, University of Toronto for many years before going on to become the Master of Massey College. Whatever he has said or written has become quite famous as his quotes and thoughts and is quoted extensively. Here are some of the most profound quotes by William Robertson Davies that will give you a glimpse into the mind of one of Canada’s most highly regarded authors.

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