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Douglas Adams

Date of Birth:



United Kingdom


Douglas Adams grew up in England. After her parents divorced, her mother took her and her sister to live with her grandparents who owned a zoo. The experience of living there helped foster his love of animals. From the beginning, Douglas Adams has shown both creativity and skill and good writing. One of the highlights of Douglas Adams' career was when he was given a writing credit for a boat he worked with a member of Monty Python. She has also appeared briefly in several Monty Python skits. After his title helping Monty Python, Douglas Adams found great frustration in writing and blocking. To earn a living, he worked in a variety of jobs, including as a security guard. Douglas Adams married later in life and had one child, a daughter. He was an atheist for the rest of his life, referring to himself as an atheist, so no one would confuse him with being an atheist. He is also a great environmental activist and participated in a charity event where he had to climb a mountain in rhino to raise money for endangered species. While Douglas Adams was passionate about technology and was a big supporter of Macintosh products, he also campaigned for sustainable changes in the technology sector, such as making chargers globally reducing waste.

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