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Gilbert K Chesterton

Date of Birth:



United Kingdom


Chesterton was educated at St Paul's School and later studied art at the Slade School and literature at University College, London. His writings for 1910 were of three types. First, his public criticisms, especially for his influential journalism, were collected in The Defendant (1901), Twelve Types (1902), and Heretics (1905). In it he portrayed Boer's strong views on the South African war. Politically, he started as a Liberal but a short time later, with his Christian friend and contemporary Hilaire Belloc, the Districtist, he favored land redistribution. This section of his thinking is illustrated by What Is Bad about the World (1910). His second focus was literary criticism. Robert Browning (1903) followed by Charles Dickens (1906) and the acclaim and criticism of the works of Charles Dickens (1911), selecting individual novels, which are among his finest contributions to criticism. Chesterton’s friendship was with various men like H.G. Wells, Shaw, Belloc, and Max Beerbohm. His Autobiography was published in the year 1936. He died on 14 june 1936.

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