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Joel Osteen

Date of Birth:



United States


His smiling brand and his incredible artistic talent have won the hearts of over 7 million people worldwide. The founder of the television show, Joel Osteen, is a well-known American preacher and pastor of Lakewood Church. He often delivers sermons on sold-out venues and stadiums. With his good looks and his never-ending messages of ‘living a full life,’ living a life of victory ’and‘ a chance to find a future ’, Osteen does not preach. As the number of listeners and listeners he does to please others, he is a spiritual person and has a religious lesson of his own. After studying sailing at Oral Roberts University, he worked in a TV service until the death of his father. His work has also made him one of the New York Times' best-selling retailers and has reportedly sold some 3 million copies of the world's hardest sales. His distinctions are different from those of the founders and evangelists who claimed that his 'progressive preaching' was possible through the thoughts and teachings of Jesus. This ongoing spiritual leader leads the flock of the largest church in America - Lakewood Church in Houston.

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