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Nassim Nicholas Talib

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Nassim Nicholas Taleb spent two decades as a risk-taker before becoming a full-time researcher and scholar focusing on practical and philosophical issues with luck, luck, and opportunity. His focus is on how different systems deal with disruption. He now spends most of his time in the privacy of his study, or as an independent cafeteria. In addition to his life as a businessman he spent several years as an academic researcher (Alternative Professor at the New York School of Engineering, Professor Dean in the U.S. Mass. Amherst). He is the author of Incerto (latin in uncertainty), available on any order (Skin in Game, Antifragile, The Black Swan, The Bed of Procrustes, and Fooled by Randomness) as well as the freely available technical version, Silent Risk. Taleb also published nearly 55 student papers and courses as a starting point, technical footnotes in Incerto on topics ranging from Statistical Physics and Quantitative to Global Economics. Incerto has more than 150 translations in 39 languages. Taleb believes that awards, honorary degrees, awards, and ceremonies undermine knowledge by transforming it into a spectator sport. "" Think of a man desiring the removal of Pico de la Mirandola, a monk in Montaigne, solid mathematical training, a steady globetrotter, a Zulu, who enjoys fine wines, a financial expert, an illiterate student, and unattractive to the point of slapping a student. "La Tribune (Paris) Mediterranean giant thinks ... Now the hottest thinker in the world", London Times "The most prophetic word"

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