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Alan Moore

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United Kingdom

He was born on November 18, 1953 in a workforce in Northampton, England, the son of a car repairman and printer. Moore began publishing his poems and articles for various fanzines in the late 1960s and eventually established his own fanzine called Embryo. In the 1970s, Moore became a triple car painter, and his work began appearing in Sound and NME under the pseudonym Curt Vile, Jill De Ray, and Translucia Baboon. He went on to contribute to Doctor Who Weekly and 2000 AD and began performing in many popular series such as The Ballad of Halo Jones and D.R. & Finish. Gaining wide recognition as a contributor to the British anthology magazine, Warrior, Moore started his first critical series, Miracleman and V Vendetta, and was awarded the British Eagle Award for Best Writer for both works in 1982 and 1983. His first American series was The Saga of the Switting Thing. His 1986 work, Watchmen is his masterpiece, and he helped redefine the central comic book, which changes the tone of the comics to date. Most readers and critics think the Watchmen is the best comedy ever made. In the late 1980s, Moore was publishing his graphic novels while participating in Batman and Superman stories. And in the late 1980s, Moore established his own book publishing called Mad Love Publishing. In the 1990s, Moore produced another feature called American Best Comics and a series that included The League of Extreential Gentlemen, Promethea, Tor Strong's Tential Tales, Tomorrow Stories and Top Ten. Frequently opposed to his wishes and without his blessing, his books have provided the basis for a number of Hollywood films, including Hell (2001), The League of Extraential Gentlemen (2003), V for Vendetta (2005), and Watchmen (2009). . In honor of his 60th birthday in 2013, the comic application Sequential released Alan Moore's free comic biography.

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