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Charles Lamb

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United Kingdom

Charles Lamb was an English novelist, poet, fiction writer and critic of the Romantic era who continues to be one of the most educated and learning English characters of all time. He was one of the key members of Lake Poets among them William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge who were his best friends. Although he failed to gain the endless popularity of his poems as did his friends Wordworth and Coleridge, he later devoted his energy to writing prose and this time emerged as one of the leading writers of his time. His two collections, ‘Esays of Elia’ and ‘Tales from Shakespeare’ are regarded as excellent works as a bookkeeper. The ‘Esss of Elia’, which contained a string of personal life experiences and essays of Elijah, the author’s fictional character, is listed among the best English style illustrations and genres of songs. One of his most famous works is 'Tales of Shakespeare', which he co-produced with his sister Mary Lamb, contains Shakespeare's children's games. Some of his most notable works are 'John Woodvil', 'The Adventures of Ulysses', 'The Tragedies of Shakespeare' and 'The Witches and Other Nightmares'.

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