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Gabriel Lippmann

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Gabriel Lippmann was a French physicist and inventor. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1908. His papers on electricity, fuel, thermodynamics and photochemistry are considered the most important for future eruptions. Many of his ideas and ideas have resulted in the development of devices used in physics. A large number of modern technologies such as laser holography and others have their roots in discoveries. A very sensitive device known as a capillary electrometer has found its use in an important medical device such as an ECG machine. Many of his works are recorded in the correspondence he had with the 'Pitus Academy of Sciences' which is still regarded as short and original. Many branches of physics are aided by the various intelligence devices they have developed to improve the performance of standard tools. Of all the theories and processes he contributed to the study of physics, the color photography of objects was immense, which made him very popular throughout the scientific world. The process earned him the 1908 Noble Prize for Physics Award. His experiments on different aspects of physical activity led to a large number of future developments.

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