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Orhan Pamuk

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Orhan Pamuk is a distinguished Turkish novelist and screenwriter. After completing his graduation, he published his first novel ‘Darkness and Light’ which brought him the ‘Milyet Press Novel Contest Award’. This encouraged him to further write his historical novel titled ‘The White Castle’ which also turned out to be a great success and helped his readership cross the national boundaries. This was followed by 'The Black Book’ which became the most controversial book of his career, but its popularity motivated him to write a screenplay based on it. He wrote several successful novels before one of his most notable books ‘My Name is Red’. This book turned out to be a great success and was translated into various languages, and received several awards. During this period he wrote a few travelogues as well memoirs published as ‘Istanbul-Memories and the City’. He has been honored by various awards and accolades including the most respected ‘Noble Prize for Literature’. He has shared his views and thoughts on several subjects through his writings, travelogues and also through the characters of his novels and books. We have scanned his writings for his most famous quotations. We are taking you through some of Orhan Pamuks’ great quotes and thoughts on writing, comparative literature, freedom of speech and philosophy.

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