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Hilaire Belloc

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Born near Paris, France, on July 27, 1870, Hilaire Belloc grew up in England, but remained a French citizen until 1902. His father, Louis Belloc, was a respected French lawyer and his mother, Elizabeth Rayner Parkes, was well-known in English literary circles. Belloc attended Cardinal Newman's Preparatory School, where he was greatly influenced by strong Catholic education and had a background in classics and history studies. In 1892, Belloc left school for one year to join the French Artillery Service in France. After this, he returned to England and continued his studies at Baillol College, Oxford. An enthusiastic and visionary student, Belloc is said to have intensified long conversations with his peers while actively working on his history lessons. Belloc was also a successful historian and historian, publishing the Elections of Mr. Clutterbuck (1908), A Change in the Cabinet (1909), Pongo and the Bull (1910), The French Revolution (1911), and History of England (1915 ). During World War I, he worked for the War Propaganda Bureau and was a foreign correspondent for the West. He was a staunch supporter of British involvement in the war, but lost many friends and his son in the war. After the war, Belloc (a devout Roman Catholic) wrote a series of historical books and religious writings. In 1942 he suffered a stroke, which left him paralyzed for eleven years, until his death on July 16, 1953.

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