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Christopher Morley

Date of Birth:



United States

Christopher Morley was an extremely brilliant, novelist and man of many names. In addition to his journalism work, he also produces several product categories. His major works include over 100 books, articles and young men, some of which he is best known for, including 'Haunted Bookhop', 'Parnassus on Wheels' and 'Touch Foyle'. This funny writer started a mature career that produced a successful career movement that landed him a permanent spot as one of the most influential journalists of all time. Since becoming a writer, many stories and articles were published in 'The Haverfordian', where he also worked as an editor at one time. In addition to writing novels and essays, he was also a poet and is best remembered for the collection of poems entitled 'Eight Sin'. Throughout her life, she contributed to many magazines and was one of the founders and editors of 'Saturday Book Review'. In addition to publishing numerous articles and short stories, he also gave lectures at colleges.

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