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John Green

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United States


John Green is an American writer, vlogger, producer, and editor. He is the New York Times bestselling author of the novel 'The Quest for Alaska,' 'The Plenty of Katherines,' languages, and more than 24 million copies have been published. Green, who has won several awards for his books, has been critical of his books. Critics have thanked him for creating a new path in the fictional world of young adults. Some have even called him for a new golden era for the youthful deception. In fact, the 'New York Times' used the term "GreenLit" to describe his old books. The mayor of Indianapolis declared July 14, 2015, as "John Green Day" in his town and the mayor of Orange County declared July 17 as "John Green Day". In addition to his best-selling books, he is famous for his YouTube projects. Green and his brother have stopped texting, and started talking about videos, and with these videos was born the 'VlogBrothers' YouTube channel. They recently launched 'Crash Course for Kids,' a YouTube channel for education, and both channels have a large number of subscribers and views. You are an active Twitter user with over 5 million followers.

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