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A. E. Housman

Date of Birth:



United Kingdom


Alfred Edward Housman, better known as A. E. Housman, was a student of England and a poet considered one of the greatest scholars of all time and one of the greatest scholars of his time. His poems were marked by a romantic essimism he expressed in a simple and lovable way. His most famous work is the poetry cycle 'A Shropshire Lad' which shows his deep despair and determination to die. His despair is sometimes caused by the death of her mother before he was 12 years old. Another reason for his sadness and loneliness in his life was the fact that he was homosexual and in love with a man who could not reciprocate his feelings. He studied at Oxford University to study Classics but could not pass his exam due to the emotional turmoil he found himself in. Still, he continued to study ancient Latin texts secretly and to write magazine articles. His fluency in the language even though he did not have a university degree led to his being appointed Professor of Latin at University College London. Although famous for being a poet, he considered himself a medalist, Latin and considered poetry to be a second work.

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