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Thomas Jefferson

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United States

Thomas Jefferson was the first U.S. secretary of state. Declaration of Independence, first secretary of state and second president (under John Adams). As the third president of the United States, Jefferson stabilized the U.S. economy and defeated generals from North Africa during the Battle of the Barthary. He was responsible for double the size of the United States by successfully securing the purchase of Louisiana. He also founded the University of Virginia. Jefferson also practiced law in Virginia with great success, tried many cases and won most of them. Over the years, he has met and fallen in love with Martha Wayles Skelton, a recent widow and one of the wealthiest women in Virginia. Jefferson was one of the oldest and most ardent supporters of American liberation from Great Britain. He was elected to the Virgin House of Burgesses in 1768 and joined its brilliant bloc, led by Patrick Henry and George Washington.

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